Holiday Jin Shin: The Last of 2016


You have survived the first of the major holidays in this holiday season...
at least I hope you did.

Let's ask ourselves though, don't we want to be doing more than just "surviving" the holidays? 

Even under the best circumstances, emotions and stress are bound to make an appearance. So why not arm yourself with some simple tools to say
"I got this" and keep the party rollin'!

Whether you love being around your family or ready to leave the minute you step foot in the door, I'm going to provide you with some lovely self-care tools to ease anything that comes your way for the remainder of this holiday season.

These simple tools will keep you feeling happy and release whatever is not yours to take on. Keeping your energy flowing within your body is crucial to preventing a compromised system, stress and tension
(both in mind and body).

Today you will learn self-help methods that are from Japanese healing art called Jin Shin Jytusu. It works by using your touch. When your hands are placed on your body, they close the circuit on the energy circulating through the body, helping harmonize and unblock any stuck energy. 

Let me tell you, the self-help tools below have saved me many a time. 

Why I love this practice, is because it can be used anywhere at any time. There is no need to apply pressure or massage while doing the self-help below, all you need to do is just place your hands on the locations and let the magic of your energy do the rest! 

You ready to get started?

#1 - It's All in Your Head

I'm not sure what goes down at your family parties but if it happens to include alcohol, this one is perfect to remedy the all mighty hangover! I think we all can agree nothing is worse than losing a whole day to the side effects after
a night of drinking.

As, we lay in bed, saying to ourselves never again! Haha

- OR - 

If drinking is not central part of the holidays that's ok because this self-help is also good at combating extreme fatigue which most of us are all to familiar with these days. Going home can be the perfect place to recharge and let the stress melt away. 

Why it Helps:
The energy that circulates through this area of your head connects to your kidneys and liver. Two organs that process and filter the fluids in our body. When we drink or experience bouts of fatigue it puts a strain on these organs, reducing their ability to perform their duties at full capability. By unblocking any stagnate energy in their circulation pathway, we give them an opportunity to function properly. 


Here is how you use this first tool:

1. Find a comfortable place to sit, stand or lay down
2. Place your RIGHT finger tips on the top right side of your head.
3. At the same time place your LEFT finger tips on the top left side of your head. 
4. Start to deepen your breath, creating a nice rhythm of inhales and exhales
5. Hold for minimum 5-10 minutes. I recommend holding longer if the fatigue or hangover is really making its presence known.

My lovely mother modeling this handy little self-help

#Two - The Mediator

This second self-help is one of my favorites! I use it daily, increasing its use around the holidays. Sometimes emotions can run high around the holidays.
Where does that stress usually go? Straight to the shoulders and back. These locations tend to hold onto emotional burdens more than other parts of the body. Don't take on unwanted stress that is not yours and hold it in the body. 

Why it helps:
For most of us, both sides of our body do not carry stress, pain, tension, etc evenly. When that happens one side of the body becomes more burdened than the other. This helps the body balance any unevenness in the body. The shoulders are a big energy highway, having a jam there really affects the rest of the body ESPECIALLY the back. Opening up the energetic pathway in the shoulders unburdens the back and helps to release any negative emotions.

How to:

1. Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down
2. If comfortable bring your knees together so they are touching. If you are laying down you can put a pillow underneath them for support. 
3. Next take your RIGHT hand and place it on the LEFT shoulder at the base of the neck.
4. With your LEFT hand, create a circle with your Thumb and Ring finger. Placing the pad of your Thumb ON TOP of the nail of the Ring finger.

5. Start to deepen your breath, creating a nice rhythm of inhales and exhales
6. Hold here for minimum 5 minutes.
7. To work on the other side, keep the knees together and switch the hand positions.
8. LEFT hand will come to the RIGHT shoulder at the base of the neck
9. With your RIGHT hand, create a circle with your Thumb and Ring finger. Placing the pad of your Thumb ON TOP of the nail of the Ring finger.

#Three - Yummy Yummy in my Tummy

What holiday is complete without delicious food? Eating to your heart's content the home cooked meals, indulging in all your favorite dishes as a pastime. Since we are not use to eating like this regularly, it has the potential to disrupt the digestion. If you find your digestion is taking on a mind of its own,
do not worry, I've got you covered! 

This takes care of bloating and any bathroom situations aka backed up or free flowing. Whatever the digestion case may be this self-help is your ally.

Why it helps:
Believe it or not, your knees play a huge part in your digestion. When you hold the inside of them they jump start the flow of energy for the entire body and help harmonize your digestive functions. 

Right ide Flow = elps low the flow
Left ide Flo= Helps get things moving

How to:
These directions are for the RIGHT flow, for the left flow simply switch the hand positions to the opposite side. 
*For each step, hold for at least 10 complete breaths.

1. Start by placing your RIGHT hand on your the right side of your low back. 
* This hand will stay here through the whole flow.
2. Place your LEFT hand on the inside of your RIGHT knee.
3. Next, place your LEFT hand on the inside of your RIGHT ankle.
4. Last, hold the RIGHT big toe with the LEFT hand.

Alright lovelies, those are your Jin Shin tools to help you have a successful holiday. They should cover anything that comes your way. 

Did I mention you CANNOT over Jin Shin yourself? Use these as frequently as you like or as long as you like. Share this with your friends and family so they too can feel their most radiant self during the holidays. 

Any questions or interested in learning more? Cobi will be hosting a New Year workshop on January 12th. Buy your tickets here
Email me at or visit

Love & Gratitude,
Cobi Konadu
Certified Yoga Instructor, Jin Shin Jyutsu & Reiki 1-2 Practitioner
* Please note: The information here is not a substitute for medical advice from your physician. It can be used as compliment, integrated into your wellness practice. 



Jin Shin Jyutsu 101: The Art of Healing Through Touch

Hello All!

I'm honored to be connecting with you today through Grass Roots Juicery's newsletter.

Today I am going to share something very cool with you. 

Is your interest piqued? Ok good, here it goes.

What is invisible to the naked eye, has a major impact on your overall health and is sometimes referred to as "good vibes"?

I'll give you minute to ponder...


You have an answer? If your answer was ENERGY, you are correct!

Today this piece is about energy, specifically your energy. It's the thing that keeps all of us alive, running and vital. 

Where are my manners? 

Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Cobi Konadu, I am a certified wellness practitioner specializing in yoga, Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu. I have a combined experience of over 10 years within these areas. I run a private practice in New York along with leading group classes. 

Have any of you ever heard of the Japanese healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu? If not, it's ok because I am going to share a little info about it and then give you some simple, easy ways you can incorporate this practice into your daily life.

This modality has been a game changer in my life for my health and overall well-being. Biggest excitement to date since incorporating this practice into my life is that my vision has improved. This is HUGE! 

Why? because I have been a wearing glasses since the age of 6. Each year my eyesight progressively gets worse. I never in my wildest dreams did I think it would get better without the use of surgery.

If this isn't enough to entice to read on, well...

Let me explain further how the energy circulating throughout your body has a direct impact on your health. As I mentioned, energy is the invisible force that gives us life. It's why we are to talk, walk, think, breath and BE.

Energy moves through us in specific pathways. Envision this as a network of energetic highways, with each one having a connection to the next. 

How much do you love it when you're driving and hit an open stretch of road? Well the flow of energy moves in a similar way, when there are no blockages everything runs smoothly. Only when an accident happens or there is an overload on the pathway does the movement start to slow and even stagnate. How this can translate in the body is in sickness, low energy, pain. etc. 

How can you keep your energetic pathways clear and running smoothly? It's through the use of your TOUCH. 

Hands act like jumper cables when they connect to different locations on the body called safety energy locks or SELs, to jump start the flow of energy. These areas are the body's natural warning system when a particular area becomes overloaded and/or shuts down, basically a traffic jam on the pathway. 

One of the simplest ways to make sure you keep your systems in proper working order is by holding your fingers. Similar to Reiki and Acupuncture, the hands have a relationship to all the functions of the body. By holding your fingers you help the energy to circulate freely, removing any road blocks along the way. In turn, this keeps you vital, happy and healthy.

Best part of this practice is that is accessible to use at any time or place! Your touch is always with you. It is just a matter of you bringing consciousness to the unconscious and building trust that your body knows how to help itself. 


Last thing before we say good-bye. How to utilize this practice:

Cobi Konadu
  • When holding your fingers, you start with either your Thumb. Doesn't matter if it is the right or left. 
  • Go through holding each one of your fingers, end by bringing the palms together.
  • There is no need to squeeze, pull or grip your fingers as you do this; just have a gentle hold. 
  • Final component is your breath, hold each finger for 6-10 breaths (or longer). See if you can create a nice even rhythm while you do it.

I have included a chart of the fingers which outlines what they help when held. Thank you all so much for your time! 

Jin Shin Jyutusu


If you would like any additional information or have an interest in working with me one-on-one please contact me: Also, I will be hosting an amazing workshop on Tuesday, January 12th at Grass Roots, so please reserve your spot and buy your tickets today here.


All the best,

Cobi Konadu

Certified Yoga Instructor, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki 1&2 Practitioner // | 206-909-2624 |

A Holistic Approach To Oral Health

By now, we understand the importance of living a healthy life and maintaining a healthy body. Since our body is a complex system, we must understand that illnesses to one part of our body can negatively impact our entire body. Just a few weeks ago, we focused on the importance of maintaining optimal gut health. Today, we are shifting our focus to oral health.

Establishing good oral health is essential to our overall well-being; not only does it affect our social relationships, but it also impacts our general health. Harmful bacteria from the mouth and tongue can travel to other parts of the body and lead to disease and other undesirable conditions that can have disastrous effects on us. Of course, having a healthy diet and good eating habits (no refined sugars, no tobacco, etc.) are key to having a healthy mouth. However, it is also important to establish a holistic routine to aid in our oral health efforts.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite holistic practices to ensure your mouth is just as healthy as the rest of your body. Let us know if there are any we forgot to mention!


ayurvedic chewing sticks important for holistic oral health

1. Chewing Sticks 

Chewing sticks are an ancient, yet extremely effective practice in oral health care. We prefer to use Neem Sticks. Neem Sticks and Neem Oil have very powerful healing and antibacterial properties for clearing up mouth infections. To properly use Neem Sticks, simply chew on the end of the stick and VERY carefully rub around your gums! Chewing sticks taste delicious and are ideal for those after-meal occasions when you can’t run home to freshen up!

2. Oil Pulling

Known as ‘Kavala’ in Ayurvedic medicine, oral pulling is the procedure in which toxins are literally "pulled" from your mouth and body by swishing special oil around in your mouth for about 20 minutes (think the all-natural Listerine). Oral pulling is used to treat gingivitis, bad breath, swollen gums, and even some systematic diseases, including migraines and diabetes. The best oils to use are sesame oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil. Can't stand sitting there swishing around for 20 minutes? Don't worry! Try the Dale Audrey Oral Pulling Rinse, where you can still see benefits after only 30 seconds! Best of all, they have different flavors, so you don’t have to suffer while this detoxifying technique works its magic!

3. Massage your gums

If you suffer from sensitive gums, you know how painfully uncomfortable and irritating it can be. Using a gum massager very gently every night before brushing your teeth will help to increase circulation to your gums and help you prevent future gum disease.

4. Non-toxic toothpaste

We’ve all been using toothpaste for as long as we can remember. Personally, I can remember using Flinstones brand toothpaste twice-a-day without realizing it’s just as sugary as sucking on a lollipop and just as likely to cause you cavities. Unfortunately, not much has changed since then. Some of us still use traditional toothpaste without realizing they are packed with sugar, sodium lauryl sulfate, and triclosan. Next time you’re picking up toothpaste, go for one that gives you the antibacterial benefits without the extra amount of nasty chemicals that could damage your good bacteria.

5. Flossing

The essential step in maintaining a clean mouth is physically removing all the leftover remains that get caught in between our teeth. Lack of flossing can directly lead to bad breath and cavities. When choosing floss, go for an option that doesn’t contaminate our earth by adding more plastic! Eco-Dent is a great option. It’s 100% vegan, and instead of bee wax, it’s made with all-natural essential oils. 


How To Prepare For a Good Night's Sleep

how to prepare for a good night sleep

Pretty much we are always tired. In the beginning, I thought it was the ending of my golden 20’s, but after doing some research and asking everyone I know, I realized we are all exhausted. The real reason is the fact that we don’t really get a proper night's rest. Ever wonder why you can sleep 10 hours and still wake up feeling like you didn't rest at all?  

Sleep deprivation affects roughly about 70% of Americans, and our understanding of the health problems associated with lack of sleep keep growing. Recent studies have shown that the lack of proper sleep can be related to a lot of metabolic diseases including obesity, diabetes and other conditions like anxiety and depression.

The truth is that we need to prepare our bodies and minds for this amazing ritual of sleep in order to obtain the benefits of a good night’s rest and wake up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Of course, there could be some underlying medical cause for insomnia,so contact your physician if that's the case. Otherwise, a proper snooze is all about technique. The steps to winding down are vital to achieving a calm and peaceful sleep.

Below are some tips and recommendations on how to get a better night sleep by sticking to a simple routine!

1.    Have an early dinner: Make sure you have a light and early dinner at least 3-4 hours before you go to sleep, rather than right before you hit the hay. You want to make sure your body is relaxed and not working on digesting that bowl of pasta.

2.    Take a bath: Your body needs to relax and understand that you are preparing it for a night of sleep. On days where you are especially tired, try filling up your bath and tuning everything out and just soak your body in some special mineral salts such as the Tired Old Ass Soak bath salts to help you relax and clear your mind. A hot shower can also do the trick- a dab of essential oils on the shower wall creates your personal aromatherapy steam room.

3.    Unwind: About an hour before you go to sleep, stop using all electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, or TV.  Disconnecting your brain from this type of activity prepares it to enter into the rest state.  So what do you do for an hour before you go to sleep? You spoil and love yourself!

4.    Soothe Those Nerves: One of the main reasons why we can’t sleep at night is because of stress and tension. Rubbing and massaging certain oils on our necks can really help soothe us and relieve accumulated worry. Try rubbing a little of the Tiny Tin Sleep Comes Easy balm behind your neck and on temples. Also, you might want to try the Morphologically Rest Roll-on made of a blend of blood orange and valerian. Try rolling this on your feet and wrists to help induce your body into a state of rest and breath it all in.

5.    Indulge and Dim: There is a reason why our parents used to give us a glass of warm milk at night before bedtime. There is just something so comforting about it that brings us into a complete state of calm! Add 1-2 tbsp of Sun Potions's Anandamide (raw cacao and tonic herbs) to your warm milk (dairy, almond, or coconut). After sipping this unique blend, your stress will melt away and you will ease into a blissful state
Now dim your lights, close your eyes, do a little meditation and let yourself go into a wonderful night of rest.

Start tonight and try to incorporate these small changes into your daily routine. Just like everything in life, it takes practice to teach your brain to learn how to unplug, to unwind and to just stop, especially in this city where we are taught to GO GO GO. Your body will thank you for restoring the one thing it’s been missing- a good night sleep.

*All items available for purchase at our Grass Roots Juicery Retail Location.


DIY Cleaning Products: Say No To All Those Toxic Alternatives

As we try to live a healthier and more natural live, we come across sometimes in which we feel challenged by the choices available. Sometimes is the price, or the options available, and sometimes it could be that we feel that the natural alternative just doesn’t do the same job.
For me, the biggest challenge in adopting this lifestyle is the cleaning products, sigh. I think it might have to be with the fact that growing up the smell of bleach represented clean, so now if it doesn’t smell like bleach, it feels like it's not clean enough.
But the truth is I care about the environment, and I care about my body, and what chemicals comes in contact with so I SHOULD make an effort and at least try to make my own cleaning solutions and give them a chance. 

DIY cleaning products at home recipes

I am a clean freak, maybe with a touch of OCD and there are two things I can’t live without: A bottle of cleaning solution and Clorox wet wipes. Thankfully, cleaning solutions had both options available for me. So I decided to go ahead and venture into the world of natural cleaning solutions. Since it was my first time, I needed something easy to follow and luckily came across the Cleaning Essentials containers. They sell containers and other cleaning products to replace those toxic chemicals ones with their DIY in-home natural non-harmful options. And the best part? They have the recipes in the back depending on what type of cleaning solution you want to make, so all you need to do is literally follow the steps and done!

DIY Cleaning Solution Recipe HOME Natural

Cleaning Solution

The cleaning essentials bottle is made out of glass which makes it reusable, very durable and reduces waste. But what I love the most is the fact that their dark blue color not only makes it look super cute but also is perfect for protecting the essentials oils. It literally took 7 minutes to make, and it was actually fun to make my own kitchen cleaner concoction!



1 original cleaning essentials solution bottle ( or any  spray bottle, preferably glass)

2 oz of alcohol

12 drops of peppermint essential oil

12 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

1 oz of vinegar

1 tsp of baking soda

6 oz of water

 Mix all ingredients, shake and clean!

DIY Cleaning Wet Wipes Recipe

Wet Wipes

I was very skeptical about this one because since this is the greenest option, it doesn’t even use paper towels as the wipe but an old t-shirt! But again, the instructions in the cleaning essentials glass jar are sooo good and straight forward that I was actually motivated to make own!



1 cleaning essentials glass jar
1 Old t-shirt
2 oz Vinegar
12 drops of orange essential oil
2 oz of water
sharpie or colored pencil

1.    With a sharpie or colored pencil divide your old t-shirt into 3 sections.
2.    Cut approx 12 squares out of your t-shirt. Leave aside.
3.    Mix in the glass jar the vinegar, essentials oils, 1 tsp of castile soap
4.    Add the fabric squares to the mixture in the glass jar.
5.    Add the water, cover and shake!

In conclusion, after trying my own cleaning solution and wet wipes, I think I'm going to try to stick to this environmentally friendly and non-toxic option. The solution works equally if not even better than those toxic ones, and I can make them smell whatever I feel like it using the power of essential oils. I do have to admit that the hardest toxic product to give up is by far the wipes. The t-shirt wipes clean the same, but the problem is that they are not disposable (unless you want to go through your whole closet), and you have to wash them! Ugh, I hate that. But you know what I hate even more? Ruining the world we live in, harming the planet, polluting the air, and killing our oceans. And as I did my research for this article, I came across a horrible fact, and that is that wet wipes aren’t really flushable and that they all end washed up on our oceans and beaches. So when you think back, is it really that bad to wash that wipe but knowing that you won’t hurt anyone in the process? I’ll let you answer that.

Matcha Mint Iced Tea Lemonade

The Matcha craze doesn’t seem to be going anywhere (we hope not!), and as much as we love those iced Matcha lattes, the truth is that with this hot weather the one thing we want to be sipping on is some ice cold refreshing lemonade. So why not make an amazing iced Matcha mint tea lemonade? You might as well enjoy all the health benefits that come from one cup of Matcha (antioxidants and energy boost hello!) while you lay out and catch some serious vitamin D!





1 tsp of high-grade matcha powder PANATĒA
1 Japanese ceramic matcha bowl
1 chasen (bamboo whisk)
5 Lemons
2 Cups of cold water
½ cup of hot water (175 degrees)
2 tbsp of Agave
a bunch of mint leaves


1.    First, add the matcha powder to your ceramic bowl. Start by breaking the powder with your spoon ( you can use a strainer to make it more smooth) to make sure there are no clumps. Add the  ½ cup of hot water into the bowl and using the chasen, whisk the tea. Whisk lightly and smoothly for about 15 seconds, always making a slight “M” or “W” shape. The tea will begin to froth and turn bright green. Set aside.
2.    Dissolve the 2 tbsp of Agave into to the hot matcha.
3.    Slice the lemons and squeeze juice.
4.    In a jar, add the 2 cups of cold water, the Matcha, the lemon juice and some chopped mint leaves.
5.    Pour Matcha mint iced tea lemonade into glasses with ice cubes and enjoy the most refreshing and healthiest drink you will have all summer!

 *PANATĒA Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tin, Japanese Ceraminc Bowl, and Bamboo Whisk available at our Grass Roots Juicery Retail Location.

A Table Setting To DYE For: Indigo Shibori Dyed Napkins

table setting napkin shibori tie dye natural indigo

When you think of summer, what comes to mind? BBQ’s and Soirée’s. Delicious food, amazing friends, good music, crisp cocktails and of course beautiful table settings.  And what could be more exciting than having your own handmade and naturally dyed, light and airy table setting? 

So we decided to adventure into the world of tie dyeing and make linen napkins hand-dyed using the Japanese technique Shibori. Shibori tie-dye consists of dyeing clothes using natural indigo through folding, binding, and twisting of the fabrics. The fun part is that you could literally bind or fold any way you can, and they are still going to look amazing, so try to have fun and make your own shapes!

What You Need

Apprvl Indigo Dye Kit. Available At Grass Roots Juicery.

Apprvl Indigo Dye Kit. Available At Grass Roots Juicery.

-Apprvl Indigo Dye Kit
-Linen Napkins and any other items you want to dye
-Lid to cover the bucket

The great thing about the Apprvl Indigo Dye Kit is that it comes with everything you need – except the bucket! Inside the kit, you'll find instructions, rubber bands, gloves, sticks, wooden blocks, indigo, thiox, and soda ash.



The first step is to get your dye ready. Follow the instructions enclosed in your Apprvl dye kit. Start by filling up a bucket with warm water about ¾ full. Then add the indigo, the thiox, and the soda ash, and mix slowly. Cover with lid and let it sit while you prepare and fold your fabrics.

Sab Mixing Indigo Vat Slowly

Sab Mixing Indigo Vat Slowly

We tried a couple of different folding techniques including Arashi, Kumo, and Itajime. Arashi consists of wrapping the fabric around a pole ( we used a gigantic PVC tube that we had at the store), and the wrapping very tightly a string around it and scrunching the fabric, the final look is a series of beautiful lines. Kumo, we called it the “nibs” and it consists of tying really closely smalls buds (some people tie around rocks). We wanted to use the wooden blocks, so we used Itajime, which is the name for the shape-resist technique (meaning the dye won’t get in where the wooden blocks are).

Kumo and Itajime Wrapping Techniques. Bracelets by  Susan Alexandra . Available at Grass Roots Juicery.

Kumo and Itajime Wrapping Techniques. Bracelets by Susan Alexandra. Available at Grass Roots Juicery.

After you have folded and bound all your fabrics, you are ready to begin. First, rinse all of your fabrics in warm water. Make sure is not boiling because your items could shrink a bit. FYI, we tried some t-shirts, and they shrunk a little Ha! Anyway, now you are ready to dip! Dip your items repeatedly in the indigo vat, and massage the fabric a little to make sure the dye sets in. The longer you let your items sit in the indigo, the darker the color will be. We dipped our items twice to make sure they really got the color we wanted.

Dipped Kumo Napkin

Dipped Kumo Napkin

After you have dipped everything, you have to let it oxidize (sit there in touch with the oxygen) for about 20 minutes. We flipped ours to make sure the color was even on both sides. Don’t be scared if they look yellow/green at the beginning- It just means it needs to be oxidized a little more!

Let fabrics oxidize for about 20 min.

Let fabrics oxidize for about 20 min.

Then just rinse your fabrics with water and undo the bindings. Hang items to dry and just sit back and admire your new beautiful creations!

Hang and let air dry!

Hang and let air dry!

Beautiful dyed linens

Beautiful dyed linens

We dyed 3 T-shirts, 4 napkins, 3 kitchen towels, and 3 large clothes, and we STILL had some indigo vet left! If you want to save your dye and continue the next day, just make sure you cover it and it will still be good for like 3 more days.

After you are done, just invite your closest friends and show off your new table setting to dye for!

Hand dyed napkins with  Apprvl Dye Kit . Pitcher of purified water with Kishu Binchotan Charcoal.

Hand dyed napkins with Apprvl Dye Kit. Pitcher of purified water with Kishu Binchotan Charcoal.

Summer table setting lemons and indigo tie dye napkins

The 6 Natural Sunscreens You Need To Get Your Hands On This Summer

It was just a matter of time.  The perfect 77 degree summer days are a thing of the past and reality is finally setting in. The real New York City Summer has finally arrived and it brings with it 90+ degree scorchers, sweaty mornings, scorching afternoons and humid nights. Luckily for us, it also brings with it perfect beach weather. Few things beat getting away from the city,  enjoying long days at the beach, rocking our wavy hair, sporting sun-kissed tans with our only worry being to keep our drink cold.

However, as much as we enjoy those carefree beach days, we must stay vigilant about protecting our most precious asset: our skin! Skin protection should be our number one priority while being outdoors this summer, as the sun rays could be potentially damaging and cause premature aging.  For something so vital to our survival, the sun really has some negative effects on our skin.

While the best way to protect yourself is to cover up (big hat, fabulous  glasses, huge umbrella), the next best thing is a great sunblock. And believe it or not, the best sunblock can be difficult to come by. Those labels can be confusing and if you don’t know what you are buying, you could end up with a chemical-filled product that’s actually more harmful for your face than helpful.

The safest and smartest way to go is to ALWAYS pick a physical/mineral sunblock vs a chemical sunblock. This is why it is so important to read the labels. Always look for sunblock that contains zinc oxide or its second best cousin titanium dioxide. Zinc oxide is the only FDA approved ingredient that protects you from both UVA AND UVB (Broad Spectrum), which cause cancer and wrinkles.

With the understanding that labels can be difficult to interpret, we’ve compiled a list of the safest, most natural and most protective sunblocks on the market.


1. The Everyday: Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream with SPF

This gem needs to be a part of  your daily morning ritual. Since it doubles as a moisturizer and SPF, you don’t need to wait until your beach-bound to use it. It applies easily to the face and is perfect for sensitive skin and skin that’s those prone to breaking out. Stay moisturized, give your skin a healthy glow and be protected from the sun all with Jose Roosebrook’s Nutrient Day Cream with SPF.

clean products skin care

2.  The Stick - Mineral Sunscreen Stick by MD Solar Science. SPF 40

Not everyone is a “stick” person. However, the truth is The Mineral Sunscreen Stick is perfect for on-the-go application or for a quick re-apply. You can fit this little miracle into gym bags, quick biking sessions, or your picnic basket. This little babe fits everywhere. Do you need any more reasons to trust the Mineral Sunscreen Stick? You can even share it with your whole family, as it's perfectly safe for babies 6 months and older!

3. The Tinted Cover- Mineral Tinted Crème by MD Solar Science

Let’s face it: sometimes coverage is all we’re really after.  With Mineral Tinted Creme, you get the coverage you crave combined with the look you’ve been perfecting.

4. The Spray-  Quick Dry Body Spray by  MD Solar Science.

Sometimes the most practical approach is also the best approach. The perfect spray for those always looking for the most practical approach.With Quick Dry Body Spray, you’ll enjoy super simple spray coverage for your whole body (especially those areas hard to reach). Best of all, it dries SO fast and it won’t leave your skin feeling greasy!  

5. The Lip – Lip Rescue by Raw elements

When it comes to protecting and keeping your lips moisturized , Lip Rescue is exactly what your lips are craving. It’s water resistant for up to 80 minutes and will provide your lips the perfect protection as you lay out on the beach.

6. The All-You-Need: Eco Formula 30+ Lotion by Raw Elements

If you’re spending extended time at the beach,  this is the protector you need. Recently crowned the best and safest natural sunblock by The Environmental Working Group, this sunblock is hypoallergenic, protects the reefs, uses recyclable packaging, is safe for all ages, water resistant, doesn’t clog your pores, and it’s packed with organic and natural oils to keep your skin moisturized. In short, it’s the sunblock of all sunblocks. Aside from a cold drink and a good book, is there anything else you’d rather have at the beach with you?