Holiday Jin Shin: The Last of 2016


You have survived the first of the major holidays in this holiday season...
at least I hope you did.

Let's ask ourselves though, don't we want to be doing more than just "surviving" the holidays? 

Even under the best circumstances, emotions and stress are bound to make an appearance. So why not arm yourself with some simple tools to say
"I got this" and keep the party rollin'!

Whether you love being around your family or ready to leave the minute you step foot in the door, I'm going to provide you with some lovely self-care tools to ease anything that comes your way for the remainder of this holiday season.

These simple tools will keep you feeling happy and release whatever is not yours to take on. Keeping your energy flowing within your body is crucial to preventing a compromised system, stress and tension
(both in mind and body).

Today you will learn self-help methods that are from Japanese healing art called Jin Shin Jytusu. It works by using your touch. When your hands are placed on your body, they close the circuit on the energy circulating through the body, helping harmonize and unblock any stuck energy. 

Let me tell you, the self-help tools below have saved me many a time. 

Why I love this practice, is because it can be used anywhere at any time. There is no need to apply pressure or massage while doing the self-help below, all you need to do is just place your hands on the locations and let the magic of your energy do the rest! 

You ready to get started?

#1 - It's All in Your Head

I'm not sure what goes down at your family parties but if it happens to include alcohol, this one is perfect to remedy the all mighty hangover! I think we all can agree nothing is worse than losing a whole day to the side effects after
a night of drinking.

As, we lay in bed, saying to ourselves never again! Haha

- OR - 

If drinking is not central part of the holidays that's ok because this self-help is also good at combating extreme fatigue which most of us are all to familiar with these days. Going home can be the perfect place to recharge and let the stress melt away. 

Why it Helps:
The energy that circulates through this area of your head connects to your kidneys and liver. Two organs that process and filter the fluids in our body. When we drink or experience bouts of fatigue it puts a strain on these organs, reducing their ability to perform their duties at full capability. By unblocking any stagnate energy in their circulation pathway, we give them an opportunity to function properly. 


Here is how you use this first tool:

1. Find a comfortable place to sit, stand or lay down
2. Place your RIGHT finger tips on the top right side of your head.
3. At the same time place your LEFT finger tips on the top left side of your head. 
4. Start to deepen your breath, creating a nice rhythm of inhales and exhales
5. Hold for minimum 5-10 minutes. I recommend holding longer if the fatigue or hangover is really making its presence known.

My lovely mother modeling this handy little self-help

#Two - The Mediator

This second self-help is one of my favorites! I use it daily, increasing its use around the holidays. Sometimes emotions can run high around the holidays.
Where does that stress usually go? Straight to the shoulders and back. These locations tend to hold onto emotional burdens more than other parts of the body. Don't take on unwanted stress that is not yours and hold it in the body. 

Why it helps:
For most of us, both sides of our body do not carry stress, pain, tension, etc evenly. When that happens one side of the body becomes more burdened than the other. This helps the body balance any unevenness in the body. The shoulders are a big energy highway, having a jam there really affects the rest of the body ESPECIALLY the back. Opening up the energetic pathway in the shoulders unburdens the back and helps to release any negative emotions.

How to:

1. Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down
2. If comfortable bring your knees together so they are touching. If you are laying down you can put a pillow underneath them for support. 
3. Next take your RIGHT hand and place it on the LEFT shoulder at the base of the neck.
4. With your LEFT hand, create a circle with your Thumb and Ring finger. Placing the pad of your Thumb ON TOP of the nail of the Ring finger.

5. Start to deepen your breath, creating a nice rhythm of inhales and exhales
6. Hold here for minimum 5 minutes.
7. To work on the other side, keep the knees together and switch the hand positions.
8. LEFT hand will come to the RIGHT shoulder at the base of the neck
9. With your RIGHT hand, create a circle with your Thumb and Ring finger. Placing the pad of your Thumb ON TOP of the nail of the Ring finger.

#Three - Yummy Yummy in my Tummy

What holiday is complete without delicious food? Eating to your heart's content the home cooked meals, indulging in all your favorite dishes as a pastime. Since we are not use to eating like this regularly, it has the potential to disrupt the digestion. If you find your digestion is taking on a mind of its own,
do not worry, I've got you covered! 

This takes care of bloating and any bathroom situations aka backed up or free flowing. Whatever the digestion case may be this self-help is your ally.

Why it helps:
Believe it or not, your knees play a huge part in your digestion. When you hold the inside of them they jump start the flow of energy for the entire body and help harmonize your digestive functions. 

Right ide Flow = elps low the flow
Left ide Flo= Helps get things moving

How to:
These directions are for the RIGHT flow, for the left flow simply switch the hand positions to the opposite side. 
*For each step, hold for at least 10 complete breaths.

1. Start by placing your RIGHT hand on your the right side of your low back. 
* This hand will stay here through the whole flow.
2. Place your LEFT hand on the inside of your RIGHT knee.
3. Next, place your LEFT hand on the inside of your RIGHT ankle.
4. Last, hold the RIGHT big toe with the LEFT hand.

Alright lovelies, those are your Jin Shin tools to help you have a successful holiday. They should cover anything that comes your way. 

Did I mention you CANNOT over Jin Shin yourself? Use these as frequently as you like or as long as you like. Share this with your friends and family so they too can feel their most radiant self during the holidays. 

Any questions or interested in learning more? Cobi will be hosting a New Year workshop on January 12th. Buy your tickets here
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Love & Gratitude,
Cobi Konadu
Certified Yoga Instructor, Jin Shin Jyutsu & Reiki 1-2 Practitioner
* Please note: The information here is not a substitute for medical advice from your physician. It can be used as compliment, integrated into your wellness practice.