Jin Shin Jyutsu 101: The Art of Healing Through Touch

Hello All!

I'm honored to be connecting with you today through Grass Roots Juicery's newsletter.

Today I am going to share something very cool with you. 

Is your interest piqued? Ok good, here it goes.

What is invisible to the naked eye, has a major impact on your overall health and is sometimes referred to as "good vibes"?

I'll give you minute to ponder...


You have an answer? If your answer was ENERGY, you are correct!

Today this piece is about energy, specifically your energy. It's the thing that keeps all of us alive, running and vital. 

Where are my manners? 

Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Cobi Konadu, I am a certified wellness practitioner specializing in yoga, Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu. I have a combined experience of over 10 years within these areas. I run a private practice in New York along with leading group classes. 

Have any of you ever heard of the Japanese healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu? If not, it's ok because I am going to share a little info about it and then give you some simple, easy ways you can incorporate this practice into your daily life.

This modality has been a game changer in my life for my health and overall well-being. Biggest excitement to date since incorporating this practice into my life is that my vision has improved. This is HUGE! 

Why? because I have been a wearing glasses since the age of 6. Each year my eyesight progressively gets worse. I never in my wildest dreams did I think it would get better without the use of surgery.

If this isn't enough to entice to read on, well...

Let me explain further how the energy circulating throughout your body has a direct impact on your health. As I mentioned, energy is the invisible force that gives us life. It's why we are to talk, walk, think, breath and BE.

Energy moves through us in specific pathways. Envision this as a network of energetic highways, with each one having a connection to the next. 

How much do you love it when you're driving and hit an open stretch of road? Well the flow of energy moves in a similar way, when there are no blockages everything runs smoothly. Only when an accident happens or there is an overload on the pathway does the movement start to slow and even stagnate. How this can translate in the body is in sickness, low energy, pain. etc. 

How can you keep your energetic pathways clear and running smoothly? It's through the use of your TOUCH. 

Hands act like jumper cables when they connect to different locations on the body called safety energy locks or SELs, to jump start the flow of energy. These areas are the body's natural warning system when a particular area becomes overloaded and/or shuts down, basically a traffic jam on the pathway. 

One of the simplest ways to make sure you keep your systems in proper working order is by holding your fingers. Similar to Reiki and Acupuncture, the hands have a relationship to all the functions of the body. By holding your fingers you help the energy to circulate freely, removing any road blocks along the way. In turn, this keeps you vital, happy and healthy.

Best part of this practice is that is accessible to use at any time or place! Your touch is always with you. It is just a matter of you bringing consciousness to the unconscious and building trust that your body knows how to help itself. 


Last thing before we say good-bye. How to utilize this practice:

Cobi Konadu
  • When holding your fingers, you start with either your Thumb. Doesn't matter if it is the right or left. 
  • Go through holding each one of your fingers, end by bringing the palms together.
  • There is no need to squeeze, pull or grip your fingers as you do this; just have a gentle hold. 
  • Final component is your breath, hold each finger for 6-10 breaths (or longer). See if you can create a nice even rhythm while you do it.

I have included a chart of the fingers which outlines what they help when held. Thank you all so much for your time! 

Jin Shin Jyutusu


If you would like any additional information or have an interest in working with me one-on-one please contact me: cobikonadu@gmail.com. Also, I will be hosting an amazing workshop on Tuesday, January 12th at Grass Roots, so please reserve your spot and buy your tickets today here.


All the best,

Cobi Konadu

Certified Yoga Instructor, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki 1&2 Practitioner

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