DIY Cleaning Products: Say No To All Those Toxic Alternatives

As we try to live a healthier and more natural live, we come across sometimes in which we feel challenged by the choices available. Sometimes is the price, or the options available, and sometimes it could be that we feel that the natural alternative just doesn’t do the same job.
For me, the biggest challenge in adopting this lifestyle is the cleaning products, sigh. I think it might have to be with the fact that growing up the smell of bleach represented clean, so now if it doesn’t smell like bleach, it feels like it's not clean enough.
But the truth is I care about the environment, and I care about my body, and what chemicals comes in contact with so I SHOULD make an effort and at least try to make my own cleaning solutions and give them a chance. 

DIY cleaning products at home recipes

I am a clean freak, maybe with a touch of OCD and there are two things I can’t live without: A bottle of cleaning solution and Clorox wet wipes. Thankfully, cleaning solutions had both options available for me. So I decided to go ahead and venture into the world of natural cleaning solutions. Since it was my first time, I needed something easy to follow and luckily came across the Cleaning Essentials containers. They sell containers and other cleaning products to replace those toxic chemicals ones with their DIY in-home natural non-harmful options. And the best part? They have the recipes in the back depending on what type of cleaning solution you want to make, so all you need to do is literally follow the steps and done!

DIY Cleaning Solution Recipe HOME Natural

Cleaning Solution

The cleaning essentials bottle is made out of glass which makes it reusable, very durable and reduces waste. But what I love the most is the fact that their dark blue color not only makes it look super cute but also is perfect for protecting the essentials oils. It literally took 7 minutes to make, and it was actually fun to make my own kitchen cleaner concoction!



1 original cleaning essentials solution bottle ( or any  spray bottle, preferably glass)

2 oz of alcohol

12 drops of peppermint essential oil

12 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

1 oz of vinegar

1 tsp of baking soda

6 oz of water

 Mix all ingredients, shake and clean!

DIY Cleaning Wet Wipes Recipe

Wet Wipes

I was very skeptical about this one because since this is the greenest option, it doesn’t even use paper towels as the wipe but an old t-shirt! But again, the instructions in the cleaning essentials glass jar are sooo good and straight forward that I was actually motivated to make own!



1 cleaning essentials glass jar
1 Old t-shirt
2 oz Vinegar
12 drops of orange essential oil
2 oz of water
sharpie or colored pencil

1.    With a sharpie or colored pencil divide your old t-shirt into 3 sections.
2.    Cut approx 12 squares out of your t-shirt. Leave aside.
3.    Mix in the glass jar the vinegar, essentials oils, 1 tsp of castile soap
4.    Add the fabric squares to the mixture in the glass jar.
5.    Add the water, cover and shake!

In conclusion, after trying my own cleaning solution and wet wipes, I think I'm going to try to stick to this environmentally friendly and non-toxic option. The solution works equally if not even better than those toxic ones, and I can make them smell whatever I feel like it using the power of essential oils. I do have to admit that the hardest toxic product to give up is by far the wipes. The t-shirt wipes clean the same, but the problem is that they are not disposable (unless you want to go through your whole closet), and you have to wash them! Ugh, I hate that. But you know what I hate even more? Ruining the world we live in, harming the planet, polluting the air, and killing our oceans. And as I did my research for this article, I came across a horrible fact, and that is that wet wipes aren’t really flushable and that they all end washed up on our oceans and beaches. So when you think back, is it really that bad to wash that wipe but knowing that you won’t hurt anyone in the process? I’ll let you answer that.