How To Prepare For a Good Night's Sleep

how to prepare for a good night sleep

Pretty much we are always tired. In the beginning, I thought it was the ending of my golden 20’s, but after doing some research and asking everyone I know, I realized we are all exhausted. The real reason is the fact that we don’t really get a proper night's rest. Ever wonder why you can sleep 10 hours and still wake up feeling like you didn't rest at all?  

Sleep deprivation affects roughly about 70% of Americans, and our understanding of the health problems associated with lack of sleep keep growing. Recent studies have shown that the lack of proper sleep can be related to a lot of metabolic diseases including obesity, diabetes and other conditions like anxiety and depression.

The truth is that we need to prepare our bodies and minds for this amazing ritual of sleep in order to obtain the benefits of a good night’s rest and wake up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Of course, there could be some underlying medical cause for insomnia,so contact your physician if that's the case. Otherwise, a proper snooze is all about technique. The steps to winding down are vital to achieving a calm and peaceful sleep.

Below are some tips and recommendations on how to get a better night sleep by sticking to a simple routine!

1.    Have an early dinner: Make sure you have a light and early dinner at least 3-4 hours before you go to sleep, rather than right before you hit the hay. You want to make sure your body is relaxed and not working on digesting that bowl of pasta.

2.    Take a bath: Your body needs to relax and understand that you are preparing it for a night of sleep. On days where you are especially tired, try filling up your bath and tuning everything out and just soak your body in some special mineral salts such as the Tired Old Ass Soak bath salts to help you relax and clear your mind. A hot shower can also do the trick- a dab of essential oils on the shower wall creates your personal aromatherapy steam room.

3.    Unwind: About an hour before you go to sleep, stop using all electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, or TV.  Disconnecting your brain from this type of activity prepares it to enter into the rest state.  So what do you do for an hour before you go to sleep? You spoil and love yourself!

4.    Soothe Those Nerves: One of the main reasons why we can’t sleep at night is because of stress and tension. Rubbing and massaging certain oils on our necks can really help soothe us and relieve accumulated worry. Try rubbing a little of the Tiny Tin Sleep Comes Easy balm behind your neck and on temples. Also, you might want to try the Morphologically Rest Roll-on made of a blend of blood orange and valerian. Try rolling this on your feet and wrists to help induce your body into a state of rest and breath it all in.

5.    Indulge and Dim: There is a reason why our parents used to give us a glass of warm milk at night before bedtime. There is just something so comforting about it that brings us into a complete state of calm! Add 1-2 tbsp of Sun Potions's Anandamide (raw cacao and tonic herbs) to your warm milk (dairy, almond, or coconut). After sipping this unique blend, your stress will melt away and you will ease into a blissful state
Now dim your lights, close your eyes, do a little meditation and let yourself go into a wonderful night of rest.

Start tonight and try to incorporate these small changes into your daily routine. Just like everything in life, it takes practice to teach your brain to learn how to unplug, to unwind and to just stop, especially in this city where we are taught to GO GO GO. Your body will thank you for restoring the one thing it’s been missing- a good night sleep.

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